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Women with Sparklers

Your annual life audit and rejuvenation

You know how your car gets an annual service? Well, consider this your annual self check-in and check-up. You'll look under the hood to see how you are travelling in life and at the end of the weekend, you'll walk away with a fine tune and care plan for the year ahead. 

Our Weekend Retreat is our OG flamingo formula workshop which we have been using religiously for nearly ten years. We mix up the weekend with stints of relaxation, workshop activities, enjoying delicious food and drinks (including a vino or two!), hanging out with new friends, and spending time in nature to help us feel grounded.

The weekend is broken up into six sections and you can choose to opt in or out as much as you want. We realise for some, this may be the only chance you get to spend with yourself for some R&R, and that alone time is invaluable.


  • Workbook with all your discoveries and activities from the two days which you can refer back to and add to year on year

  • Worksheets with core activities

  • Uncover who you are in this present moment, what brings you joy, what are your fears, what is meaningful to you

  • An audit of key areas of your life with consideration as to why certain areas of your life are going better/worse than others

  • Plan of action (both small steps and longer term goals) to keep you accountable

  • A fabulous new flock of birds - your FF community 

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