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Women Enjoying the Sun

Weekend Retreat

The OG flamingo formula workshop we have been using for over ten years. We mix up the weekend with stints of relaxation, workshop activities, enjoying delicious food and drinks, hanging out with new friends, and spending time in nature to help us feel grounded.

The weekend is broken up into six sections and you can choose to opt in or out as much as you want.

The weekend includes: 

  • Big picture thinking through your own vision board

  • flamingo formula folder with worksheets for core activities 

  • An audit of key areas of your life ranking your current sitch and where you want to be

  • Discussions with the group to find solutions to challenges you're facing

  • Define who you are NOW, what brings you joy, drains you and scares the heck out of you

  • Plan of action (both small steps and longer term goals) to keep you accountable

  • Core meals and snacks provided throughout the weekend
  • Respite activities including yoga, meditation and walks

  • A fabulous new flamingo formula community 

Stay in the loop

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Welcome to the flamboyance!

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