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What the flock had to say


I love that there was a great diverse set of women - different ages, life stages. It helps to see how unique everyone is in what they value and are looking for and therefore why the focus might need to be in different places. I also liked hearing about the younger ladies planning to pay off their car and focus on their promotions to remember why that was important then and why it might have changed now.

For someone who doesn’t spend time on self/life planning, this was a great (non-hippy) way of taking that first step. Also great to do it with a gang of girls, old and new, to bounce ideas and get you thinking about new opportunities.

Today really helped me identify where I want to be and to set actionable goals to get there. It was great splitting it into the three sections and giving you time to reflect on each section to help you build into the next.

Loved meeting a group of like-minded women and also taking the time out to honestly reflect about where I'm at and where I want to be in the future.

You girls are flocking awesome, thanks for a fabulous day! It helped me to think about things I haven't been prioritising, and crystalised things I want in my life.

I made two small changes since Sunday.
I finally booked a cleaner who came yesterday and I have a candle in my office, Feeling more in control today!

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